We’re just 5 weeks away from early voting.

To win this August we’re going to need all the help we can get from folks all over the County.

See, this election is about more than just one seat on the County Commission. Its about charting a new course for Shelby County.

The election August 2nd will have a huge impact on the decisions made by the County Commission…decisions that will impact all of us, over the next few years.

Here’s how you can help:

Host a fundraiser or meet and greet.

Make a donation to the campaign
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Sign up to volunteer with the campaign.

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With your help we can make Shelby County stronger.


Steve Ross

Remember Their Service, Honor Their Sacrifice (by VoteSteveRoss)

"Shelby County Commission candidate Steve Ross has entered the commission’s long-running redistricting fight by filing a court motion that asks a judge to adopt a new single-member district map. Ross said the proposed map that splits the commission into 13 districts with one member each is better than the current system: four districts with three members each, and one district with a single member. “I’m doing it because I see it as more representative than what we have now,” he said. Ross, a video production specialist, said he’s been writing about redistricting issues for years on his blog. Ross is running for the District 1, Pos. 3 commission seat vacated by Mike Carpenter. Brent Taylor is serving on an interim basis, but not running in this election. Ross has never held office before and has a tough task in the Aug. 2 election: He’s the Democratic nominee in a Republican-leaning district and faces GOP candidate Steve Basar, also a political newcomer."

County Commission candidate Steve Ross joins redistrict feud » The Commercial Appeal

(via Help Out the Campaign - Host a Meet and Greet)
"As you are aware, my friend Steve Ross is seeking to fill the unexpired term of former County Commissioner Mike Carpenter. He will be facing Steve Basar in the August general election. I know little or nothing of Mr. Basar, but I’m not here to tell you why you shouldn’t vote for him, I am here to tell you why you SHOULD vote for Steve Ross. If you have read his posts at VIBINC over the years, you understand that no one researches issues like he does. He truly understands the short and long-term issues facing Shelby County, and takes positions based on that research and what will best serve his potential constituency. He’s not someone who will swoon at a lobbyist who pushes a project for a benefactor, but he will listen to all parties before making a decision. Most of all, he is one of US."

LeftWingCracker: I am donating this post to Steve Ross

Help Us Spread The Word

  • When we kicked off this campaign back in November there were three things that I felt were critical to ensuring the strength and stability of our county going forward:
  • 1. We needed a new tone in County government…one that seeks to unite us rather than exploit longstanding divisions for short-term gains.
  • 2. Local government has not effectively exercised long-term fiscal discipline, accountability, or transparency, which has lead to a crushing debt, low population density, and diminishing revenues that threaten the stability of County government.
  • 3. In order to grow stronger as a community, all the stakeholders in the county must work together for a common cause: the growth and revitalization of our county. This means building a better educational system, effectively combatting poverty, blight and crime, and working hard to create an environment that attracts investment from outside our borders as well as local entrepreneurship.
  • While these areas paint with a broad brush, I think its important to understand where I’m coming from, where I stand, and what I intend to do if elected. I’ll be doing more of this as the campaign continues.
  • Since announcing, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of people help get that message out. There are a million ways to communicate with people and one of the hardest things for any organization to do is not just reach your audience where they are, but get and hold their attention. I appreciate all the help I can get.
  • • We’ve had over 125 people join the Facebook page in the past few months.
  • • Hundreds have signed up for emails from the campaign.
  • • Our volunteer base has been growing steadily since early January.
  • • Friends of the campaign, Trace at Newscoma and Steve Steffens have helped out by donating blog posts about the campaign.
  • I really appreciate the support and their help in getting the message out.
  • I’m asking you to help by considering a donation of $100, $50, or $25 dollars, or hosting a house party or fundraiser.
  • You can also help by inviting people to the facebook page, sharing this post on your wall, or if it was emailed to you, sending it out to 10 friends and encouraging them to get involved.
  • Thanks for your help. Together we can win this thing and start building a stronger Shelby County.